We are always interested to see new work and receive submissions.

However, we are a small team and therefore ask a favour; when submitting work please follow the guidelines below.   



Please follow these guidelines: 

  • Send us an email to woollymammoth.publications@gmail.com with the subject line ‘SUBMISSION: 'name of your project’

  • Attach a PDF of 10-20 images or send us a link to a gallery on your


  • We are particularly interested in projects that represent the documentary/social documentary landscape genre but they can be from anywhere in the world. If the project has a specific captions/text to accompany the images, even better!

  • We'd hugely appreciate in your email tell us what your project is about in less than 30 words/small paragraph. We want these photographic projects accessible to a wider audience, therefore, it is important you can describe your project effectively. 

An important note on finances. We never ask photographers to front the full print cost. But occasionally we will not be able to do a book without asking for some financial support. If so, we offer a percentage package, for example, the photographer can pay 30% of the print fee for zines and they will own 30% of the print run the remaining zines will be owned and sold by us. We are quite flexible with the percentage packages meaning we can offer something that suits everybody.   

Our template publications don't require a design fee instead there is a flat rate setup fee of £15. For bespoke titles and design, we do charge a flat rate design fee of £30, dependant of the complexity of the design this could rise to a cost per page.  


We always try to keep fees as low as possible (especially compared to other photography printers) We want all new work and titles out in the world for everyone to see, so keeping fees low and helping the photographer is key for us. 

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